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Leonard Masonry is proud to be a trusted resource for commercial masonry projects. Every project, small or large, is as important to us as it is to our clients. Attention to detail and reliability has translated to a trust with our clients. You can count on a professional project with Leonard Masonry.

Consider us to be your one-stop resource for quality masonry work. We have the skills and expertise to handle new and existing masonry construction projects.

Other Services We Provide:


Brick Masonry is often the preferred choice of our customers. Brick provides a durable and beautiful finish that usually needs low maintenance over the years.


Block Masonry provides a simple, but elegant look. Concrete blocks are often the most cost-effective and versatile solution for a commercial building project.


Stone work can lend a monumental feel to your project. Leonard Masonry has the capability to fabricate and install all varieties of stone to meet your specification. Varieties include but are not limited to limestone, granite, and marble.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using masonry over other materials?

Perhaps the greatest benefit from using masonry as opposed to other construction materials is its strength. Stone, brick, and cast materials have always been the choice when permanence and strength have been the desired result. Masonry is pest and weather resistant and fireproof.

What types of masonry products are available?

When we think of masonry we naturally think of stone and brick. But masonry also includes cast materials, including cast stone and precast concrete panels, concrete blocks, and glass blocks. Within each of these categories is a wide range of choices in surfaces, textures, sizes, colors, thickness, mortar, and applications.

Isn’t masonry more expensive than other materials?

Generally, the initial cost for masonry materials is slightly higher, but because masonry requires less maintenance and is energy efficient, the cost of using masonry in the long run is usually less. And don’t forget the higher resale value for buildings built with masonry products.

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